Thursday, October 16, 2008

Money-saving wedding ideas

With all this doom and gloom in the media about the credit crisis, many couples are keeping an even closer eye on that wedding budget. So we thought we'd take a look back at some of the great money-saving wedding ideas we've seen over the years to help you walk down the aisle with a little more cash in your pocket.

The reception is by far the most expensive part of a wedding - or is it? Most couples spend over 30% of their wedding budget on the reception. But we've photographed plenty of weddings where the couple has saved huge amounts of money by opting for a less formal approach.

  1. This couple were married in a beautiful outdoor location then opted for a bbq in the park. Guests bringing food and drink as their wedding gifts.
  2. Flowers and decorations are a great area to save money at weddings. Simple ideas like this one, combining place cards with favours into one edible treat.
  3. Or get friends involved. Jim and Simon were lucky enough to have a friend who was a florist so he prepared these gorgeous flowers for the civil partnership as his gift to the couple.
  4. Do you have any musical friends who could play before and after the ceremony? Or artistic friends who could help with table decorations?
  5. We've seen all sorts of beautiful wedding gowns, but it's not the most expensive that are the most memorable. Natasha picked up her stunning blue dress from a local department store. She looked amazing and it really made a statement.

Of course we can't finish without saying don't skimp on your photography. You spent such a lot of time and effort on this one special day - make sure it's captured properly. Whoever you choose as your photographer make sure you feel comfortable with them and you like their style. But also look for photographers who will supply you with a disc of high resolution images as part of the package. This way you can print extra photos whenever you like wherever you like. And with Aaron Green Photography you can always come back to us later for special effects and special printing.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Amanda and Dan's Wedding - Vaucluse 09/08

After all the weddings we've done in Europe it was great to finally shoot our first Sydney wedding. Amanda and Dan chose a simple but beautiful ceremony with the harbour as a backdrop at sunset, followed by a bbq in the park. Just perfect.